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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2022 - Vol. 19, Issue 4

"Revisions" and "Time Changes"

written by

Carol Mackey


It occurred  to me, as I sat down to write,

with the click of a key,

this word, or that, or sentence or phrase,

is gone, wiped out.

There is no  key, to take back the words

and wipe out hurt feelings,

once I have said,

... this word or that-

"Time Changes"

Yesterday was slow

heavy footed and long.

Time today flew

quick and airy light.

The clock measured the minutes,

each hour was the same,

… but time was not.

Carol is a 79-year-old widow living in Maine. She writes Poetry daily, has a “jungle” of houseplants and two older cats in her life. “Writing every day is hard work, but I love it….once it’s done !”

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