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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2022 - Vol. 19, Issue 4

"Created and Permitted"

written by

Ana Mae Dusaran

Young years taught them the journey of colors

That brought the faces of blues, blacks, yellows, and oranges

In seasons of winter, summer, fall, spring cries and laughs

They were tossed by tempest storms and bright sunshine.

Hard ways were a routine of their calloused hands

Thin figures, hungry minds, and poverty abound

Bullied by others, fainted on the ground of despair

Why do things happen? Who made a hand?

Their families went somewhere to work

They transferred schools, places, and houses, met new friends

Still, storms beset them, but they stood sturdy against the odds

Attacked by wars, famines, illnesses, and debts.

The green meadows bloomed with flowers and robins

Mountains, valleys, hills covered with grasses

Feathery clouds delighted their hearts and souls

A breeze visited the village and gave drink to thirsty minds.

The hardships, at last, harvested level of diplomas

They were bridges to dreams, rainbows after the storms

The dried lands once filled, now, greenery occupied

God, The Almighty, created and permitted all deeds.

Ana Mae Badayos Dusaran is currently a public secondary school English teacher at Barotac Viejo National High School, teaching Grades 8 and 10. She enjoys writing poems, playing the keyboard, and reading books. As a Regional Coordinator for Aloysian Publication-The Educators Link, one of her country's international educational magazines, she encounters some opportunities for speakerships, technical assistantships, and meeting new people.

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