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Breath & Shadow

Spring 2021 - Vol. 18, Issue 2


written by

Susan M. Silver

Gertrude “Trudy” Silver, 1918-2005

Across a naked night, in waves of peace
And pain, your music returns, granite rhythm,
Haunting harmony and melody,
Peerless phrases unreplicable,
Hugging the whole of myself, as in life.

You go on, infinite, in darkest space,
Your ivory-taming fingers never still.

You elude me, clever one, but you remain.

Susan M. Silver is a New York City-based freelance writer with credits in People magazine, Us Weekly, the New York Daily News, and The Saturday Evening Post. In addition to Breath and Shadow, her fiction has appeared in Wordgathering, Lifestyles magazine and Short Stuff.

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