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Breath & Shadow

Winter 2020 - Vol. 17, Issue 1

"New York City"

written by

Susan M. Silver

Around me 

I feel  the light embrace 

of the fog-fingered city night

that cares not if age or illness

has capriciously

savaged the body 

and scarred the spirit.

Beside me 

I hear the unconquerable heartbeat

of the neon-star city night

as I luxuriate

in solitude amid the urban fury.

Flirt with me forever, dear one,

whisper secret longings,

take me, toy with me,

derive your particular pleasures,

New York, my own, my truest lover.

Susan M. Silver writes.  She lives in Manhattan’s  Greenwich Village.   For more of Susan’s work and a full bio, see her Amazon Author Page.

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