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Breath & Shadow

Winter 2020 - Vol. 17, Issue 1

"Broken Symphony"

written by

Elizabeth Devin

This rage-eruption


bursting like a knife


from between my ribs


to gouge,


is not the true heart


that beats rainbows


into the blue air. It’s the false


heart, anxious heart,


unsure if its music is too loud.


Bold hearts beat purple, but mine


bleeds metallic at my feet, the pool


of it widening to encompass


the world in the copper-tang taste


of misgivings.


Understanding is missing,


a piece I must find,


but looking into shadows


has robbed me of eyes,


left me with fingers groping blind,


into the thorns, into the spiders,


into the jaws of night.

Elizabeth Devine is a poet, author, and professional student. She never found a place to belong, so she takes up all the space available. She raises chickens, takes writing classes, and stalks her boyfriend. Her poetry can be found in Page & Spine Magazine and The Chestatee Review.

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