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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2020 - Vol. 17, Issue 4


written by

Colleen Anderson

There’s a Frankenstein bolt

at the base of my skull

my head held stiff

the sensation cores me

grinds my bones

evicts the other senses

abandoned and dried

so light that they might fly away

My skeleton remains

locked into flesh waiting

for that one electric jolt

that burst of life

to reconnect and sew me

from the sum of my parts

Did his monster feel this jumbling

awkward heavy movement

that jars limbs loose

these lightning shafts that sear

neck shoulder arms

this electrified numbness spreading

each extremity detached

Not all those threadlike nerves and sinews

were stitched together with care

the urge to growl and roar

voice this pain

unexplainable to those

not part of its creation

Did Frankenstein’s monster heave blindly

in a red-eyed haze

searching for a soothing touch?

Colleen Anderson edits and writes fiction and poetry. Her work has appeared in over 250 publications with some recent and new works in Polu Texni, On Spec, Thrilling Words Really System and Nameless. Her collection, A Body of Work, is published by

Black Shuck Books. She has edited three anthologies and will be the 2020 Creative Ink Festival guest of honor in Vancouver, where she watches for mold monsters.

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