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"Words of Life: Poems and Essays" by Ann Chiappetta



This collection combines poems, essays, and flash fiction drawing upon life’s vicissitudes, including nature’s beauty and cruelty, the foibles of relationships, the love of family, and the unconditional regard and respect for the author’s guide dogs.

The book is available in e-book format for $3.99 and in paperback for $9.95 from Amazon and multiple other online booksellers. Go to Chiappetta’s author’s page for book buying links and to read an excerpt.  




"Eating the Sun" by Rachael Ikins

(Clare Songbirds Publishing House, 2019)



Her first mixed genre memoir, Eating the Sun is 100 pages of deliciousness, the garden and food grown from it through the seasons being the vehicle to tell the love story of the author and her husband.  Each season/chapter includes poetry and recipes invented by the couple at the end of the chapter. Illustrations include pen and inks, collage and photography by Ikins, as well as some guest photographs. Check out the publisher website here!


"Premise of Light" by Judith Skillman 

(Tebot Bach, 2018)


Premise of Light blends Ekphrastic work with explorations of mortality. These poems can be seen as “doorziens,” a Dutch word translated as “to see through.” The term refers to a painting with a view from one room into another. Here language illuminates transitions from childhood to maturity to aging. Rooms include the natural world, the father-daughter relationship, and the body itself. 

"Sometimes surreal, always evocative, Skillman’s poems seem to well up from an inner hot spring. This collection is the latest in a lengthy and rich body of work. Not merely a keen observer, Skillman interprets for us the world around her, in a precise and emotional vocabulary, drawing from history—her own included—as well as the spheres of art and science to offer unique, often astonishing, associative connections."
--Sean Bentley

Premise of Light may be purchased at SPDBooks, Amazon, your local bookstore, or directly from the author on her website!



"Cultural Disability Studies in Education: Interdisciplinary Navigations of the Normative Divide" by David Bolt 

(Abingdon and New York: Routledge, 2019) 


Over the last few decades disability studies has emerged not only as a discipline in itself but also as a catalyst for cultural disability studies and Disability Studies in Education. In this book the three areas become united in a new field that recognizes education as a discourse between tutors and students who explore representations of disability on the levels of everything from academic disciplines and knowledge to language and theory; from received understandings and social attitudes to narrative and characterization.

Moving from late nineteenth to early twenty-first-century representations, this book combines disability studies with aesthetics, film studies, Holocaust studies, gender studies, happiness studies, popular music studies, humour studies, and media studies. In so doing it encourages discussion around representations of disability in drama, novels, films, autobiography, short stories, music videos, sitcoms, and advertising campaigns. Discussions are underpinned by the tripartite model of disability and so disrupt one-dimensional representations.

Cultural Disability Studies in Education encourages educators and students to engage with disability as an isolating, hurtful, and joyful experience that merits multiple levels of representation and offers true potential for a non-normative social aesthetic. It will be required reading for all scholars and students of disability studies, cultural disability studies, Disability Studies in Education, sociology, and cultural studies.

Purchase a copy here!

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