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Ability Maine

Potential by Isabelle Kenyon


Published as part of the much-loved Ghost City Press summer series, Isabelle Kenyon's micro chapbook is a brave and prickly collection which touches on new relationships, the-thing-between-her-legs and sexual assault. Light in tone, it is an exploration of the wonderful and the horrible things which can occur alongside love.



Paws, Claws, Hooves, Feathers and Fins; Family Pets and God's Other Creatures by Glenda Council and Estelle Rice


This book is about animals and the people who love them. Read true stories about a horse that healed a heart patient, a rabbit that went to college, a poodle that climbed ladders, a hobo cat that found a home in the mountains, and fictional stories like the one about the cats with extra toes and the little boy who claimed them. The humans in the stories and their relationships with the animals will touch anyone who is an animal lover. The pain of fostering puppies. This book makes a great little gift for someone in the hospital, a birthday gift to your child's teacher, for someone who has recently lost a beloved pet. The authors grew up with pets, rescued pets, and cared about animals of all kinds. Their stories show that a child or an adult who loves animals will never forget them even when they have passed on. Readers will feel the author's fear when her Samoyed is stolen, when vets give up on Brandy, her beloved poodle, and when her husband recovering from heart surgery buys a horse.


Available in paperback, on their blog, and on Kindle.


The Persistence of Dreams by Meriah Crawford, Robert Waters


It is 1636: five years after a West Virginia town from the year 2000 arrived in Germany in a flash of light and altered the course of history. Now, down-time master artist Daniel Block is troubled. No mention or proof of his name or life work, of which he has long been proud, made it through the Ring of Fire; it’s as if he never existed. What can a talented and proud artist like him do, to make sure this new world remembers him long after he’s gone?
Daniel develops a plan to make himself one of the greatest artists the world has ever known, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to see his dreams fulfilled. Even if it means risking himself, his wife, and his children.


Now available from online booksellers.

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