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Chris Kuell, the Editor in Chief of Breath and Shadow. He's sitting in a chair while wearing sunglasses, a red sweatshirt, and black pants.

Chris Kuell

Editor in Chief

Chris Kuell is a writer, editor and advocate living in Connecticut. A former research chemist, he lost his sight at thirty-five as a result of diabetic retinopathy. A few years later he learned how to use a computer with speech output and turned his efforts to writing. He’s had more than two dozen articles about blindness published, and His fiction has appeared in many print and electronic publications, including Spillway Review, Bewildering Stories, Apollo’s Lyre, and the Sun. His stories also appear in the anthologies, Coping With Vision Loss, Northern Haunts, and Mountain Voices: Illuminating the Character of West Virginia. 

Todd Hanks, the Assistant Editor of Breath and Shadow. He's standing in front of a dark green picket fence. He is wearing a black tuxedo with matching bowtie. His hands are crossed over his abdomen, where he is holding his hat.

Todd Hanks

Assistant Editor

Todd Hanks is a pretty well published poet from the Ozarks of Missouri. His verse has been featured in the Kansas City Star newspaper, Asimov's Science Fiction magazine, and a ton of literary journals and pulp fiction magazines. He is diagnosed usually as schizo-effective, showing both characteristics of the schizophrenic and the bipolar. Music is as big a part of his life as writing, and he plays both the guitar and harmonica on a professional level.

Abigail Astor, a staff member of Breath and Shadow. She's standing behind a large arrange of white, yellow, and red flowers. Abigail has short brown hair and is wearing glasses.

Abigail Astor

Despite serious mental and physical illness, Abigail Astor graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in English from Queens College. In addition to her work as an editor, she has done grant writing and tutoring. In her spare time she writes poetry and non-fiction. She now lives happily with her partner in Brooklyn.

Ann Chiappetta

Ann began fencing non-fiction for B & S in 2008 and now also fences poetry. She enjoys the challenge of the task and finds the experience enriching on many different levels. Of B & s, Ann holds the ezine in the highest regard because of the unique style and quality literary examples presented in each issue.

Ann has been legally blind since 1993, losing most of her sight from retinal degeneration. She holds a Master’s degree in Family Therapy and works as a readjustment therapist for the Veteran’s administration. Ann is a featured writer and regular contributor to the Matilda Ziegler’s Weekly E Zine, and Dialogue. Her poetry has appeared in small press publications including Lucidity and Midwest Poetry Review. Ann lives in New York State’s lower Hudson valley region with her husband, two teenagers and an assortment of furred and feathery critters, including her black Labrador guide dog, Verona and bitzer doggie named Neeka. Visit Ann’s blog:!

Dorothy Barker, a staff member of Breath and Shadow. She is standing in front of a large body of water. Dorothy is wearing a red coat and blue hat.

Dorothy Baker

Dorothy Baker grew up in N.C. and lives in Western MA. She started writing soaps for the other neighborhood kids to perform. Her work has appeared in Breath & Shadow. She has also helped write in for effects of chemicals and how to create healthy home environments.

Erika Jahneke

Ever since being born in Riverside, CA(her mother called  it "California's weirdest town,"even before that) in the early seventies, Erika Jahneke has done her best to chronicle the weird and wonderful about life as she sees it. Writer and blogger of both fiction and journalism(at least until that consultant slot at Leverage and Associates opens up), Erika writes about politics, pop culture, and why good people occasionally do bad things and sometimes get away with it. She lives in Phoenix, obsesses about Baltimore, and dreams of San Francisco. She is moderately hard at work on researching her first novel. For the third time. Also, attempting to master screenwriting software. Flames, love letters, and assorted booking requests can be sent to, where they will be screened by her security Jack Russell. Spelling counts!

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