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Maine Resources - Maine: can help you find information about scholarships especially created for those living in Maine at the same time they look for any other scholarship opportunities for which you might qualify.

FAME Maine - Scholarship Search:

Scholarships are gift aid that you will not need to repay. Scholarships are typically awarded outside of the college’s financial aid awarding process and require students to actively research and find them. Start your search with FAME’s online scholarship search for Maine scholarships.

National Resources

The goal of this website is to educate students about scholarship access and the necessary requirements for achieving maximum financial aid. In addition, we provide our information free of charge to help students avoid scholarship scam artists and misleading authors who promise "secrets" to what is essentially publicly available information.

Youth with intellectual disabilities have not had many chances to go to college. This is changing as individuals across the country begin to create opportunities for these youth to reap the benefits of postsecondary education. This website will provide information and links to anyone interested in finding out more about the possibilities.

The Entry Point! Internship Program for College Students with Disabilities:
a program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). This program offers summer internships and semester co-ops in major companies throughout the United States, including NASA, IBM, NIH, Texas Instruments, J.P. Morgan Chase. New for 2004 are internships at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Open to students with disabilities majoring in life sciences, computer science, engineering, mathematics, and some social science and business fields. Qualifying students must: 1) be full-time undergraduate or graduate students, 2) be a Science, Math, Engineering, or Computer Science major (some opportunities available for business majors) 3) Have a B-average GPA and 4) be a U.S. citizen.

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