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Maine Resources

Alpha One -- Grants - A Maine Based Organization. “Alpha One has grants for ramps, services, and adaptive equipment.”

National Resources

Challenged Athletes Foundation - Provides grants to people with various types of disabilities for adaptive sports equipment. CAF has an annual grant cycle which starts in September and closes in November each year. Challenged Athletes Foundation also has a program which provides year-round grants to “active-duty service members, honorably discharged veterans and first responders with permanent physical injuries for sports equipment, competition and training expenses in the sport or recreational activity of their own choosing.”

GoHawkeye Foundation - Provides adaptive sports equipment & excursion grants to people with disabilities. This organization is a great resource for people who may not qualify for grants through other organizations.

Good Days -- Copay Assistance - Good Days can provide you with assistance for necessary medications that you cannot afford or which are not covered by your insurance. Eligibility criteria page is linked here. Check to see if your condition has a qualifying program for you to apply to.

High Fives Foundation - Provides grants for adaptive sports equipment/medical expenses to people who have been injured in outdoor adventure sports or inertia based activities. High Fives Foundation also provides support to wounded veterans during their first of three grant cycles annually.

Joseph Groh Foundation - Provides financial assistance and resources for people connected to the construction industries.

Kelly Brush Foundation -- The Active Fund - The Active Fund through the Kelly Brush Foundation provides funding for adaptive sports equipment to “individuals with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury who reside in the US.”

Laughing at my Nightmare -- Equipment Granting - This small non-profit offers two streams of grant funding. The first one is aimed at individuals living with muscular dystrophy and the second is aimed at individuals who are living with any type of disability/chronic illness. Both programs provide adaptive equipment and assistive technology.

National Organization of Rare Diseases -- Patient Assistance - NORD has a small variety of Patient Assistance programs that may be able to relieve some financial pressure if you suffer from a rare disease.

The Ralph Braun Grant Program - This program accepts applications on a quarterly basis. They can provide assistance with up to 25% of the cost of mobility transportation equipment. The website has detailed information on what types of equipment are covered, how to submit an application, and when the grant cycles open.

Victoria's Victory Foundation -- Victory Scholarship - Victoria’s Victory Foundation was founded in 2017. Their grant program can provide help with home modifications, mobility equipment, and activity based training sessions.

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