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Maine Resources

Beth Wright Cancer Center - The Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center in Ellsworth, Maine, offers comprehensive support for cancer patients and their families. Their services include: support groups, nutritional guidance, alternative therapies, fitness programs, and patient navigation. The center aims to provide compassion, education, and advocacy, fostering collaboration among medical providers and other support organizations. They also organize events and workshops to further support their mission of offering hope and knowledge to those affected by cancer.

Cancer Resource Center of Maine - This is a non-profit organization that offers one-to-one support and resources to anyone impacted by cancer–all free of charge. Additionally they also offer complementary therapy; travel and food assistance; and a variety of comfort items to the people they work with.

Dempsey Center - The Dempsey Center is a non-profit organization founded by Lewiston native, Patrick Dempsey. Their mission is to provide free and personalized cancer care to patients. They offer no-cost support groups to cancer patients and their loved ones, wellbeing support, a variety of workshops, fitness classes, and more.

Maine Cancer Foundation - Maine Cancer Foundation focuses on prevention, early detection, and improving patient outcomes through grants and coalition building. MCF supports statewide efforts to prevent cancer, increase screening, and ensure access to quality care.

MaineHealth Cancer Care Network - This network provides comprehensive cancer care across Maine, ensuring patients can access advanced treatments close to home. Their services include cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and support. They also offer clinical trials, patient navigators, and support groups to help patients manage their care journey.

MCGI for Patients | The Jackson Laboratory - The Jackson Laboratory and The Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative partner together to find targeted cancer treatment for you; based on your specific DNA and the specific kind of cancer you have. This website has more information on genomic cancer therapy treatments, clinical trials, cancer screening and early detection, patient support, and more.

National Resources

Cancer Care - The CancerCare website provides free support services for individuals affected by cancer, including professional counseling, support groups, educational workshops, and financial assistance. They offer resources for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, as well as information on over 150 cancer-related topics. Additionally, CancerCare features stories, videos, and podcasts to share experiences and provide encouragement.

Livestrong | How We Help - Livestrong provides support for cancer patients through various programs and resources. They offer fertility services to help cancer survivors start families, the Livestrong Guidebook for navigating cancer treatment, and fitness programs through Livestrong at the YMCA to improve physical health.

National Cancer Institute - The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is a plentiful resource hub for patients and researchers. Resources for patients include: articles about different cancer types, screening, testing, coping with cancer, and more.

NCCN | Patient Resources - The NCCN Patient Resources website offers a variety of support tools for cancer patients (and their caregivers), including over 70 free patient guidelines to help discuss treatment options, downloadable resource cards, and lists of questions to ask healthcare providers. The site also features webinars, news updates, and more information about the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Foundation and its initiatives.

The American Cancer Society | Home Page - The ACS (American Cancer Society) provides extensive resources for cancer patients and their families, including information on different types of cancer, prevention guidelines, and treatment options. They offer support services such as a 24/7 helpline, transportation to treatment, and lodging for patients undergoing treatment far from home. Additionally, ACS funds cancer research and advocates for public policies that promote cancer prevention and access to care.

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