"Will I Remember"

Written By

Emily Hart

I set the alarm for sunrise minus ten

dress quickly in the clothes I laid out

on the chair the night before,

go down the stairs,

counting off the two flights,

knees stiff, reluctant

but obedient.


How many mornings

sloth-like did I cling to the bed

while the sky rioted



I watch the sunset

the gradual fading colors

the deepening shadows

that I had been too busy

to pause and observe --

honor --

How many times?

How many years?


Astar or wanderer

reveals in the blue black sky

catching my breath,

moments later joined

by a Van Gogh ecstacy

whirling in the lens of my tears


And I wonder --

will I remember color?

The subtle variations of red --

The sun through the haze of smoke

from the forest fires

or the maple leaves in Oregon --

almost pink

or cardinals --

will I remember the difference

between a cardinal's scarlet

and the flash of a red winged blackbird?

Will I remember?

Will I remember?

Will I remember?

Emily Hart is an internationally published, award winning writer of poetry, essay, short fiction and drama whose work has appeared in magazines such as Denali, A Room Of One's Own, At The Crossroads, Fireweed and others under various pens. She was also the First Annual Medford Oregon Library's Comic-con Costume Contest Honorable Mention Winner for her portrayal of Sheldon Cooper's, Meemaw and her moving rendition of "Soft Kitty."

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