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Breath & Shadow

Winter 2014 - Vol. 11, Issue 1

"Long-Ago Lover"

written by

Susan M. Silver

December-decorated evening,

Streets that revel in the gaudy.

Beyond, a sacred orchid-sunset

Slips into the horizon’s envelope,

And a tale of winternight begins.

Why ever should thoughts of you inspire me,

Long-ago lover, episode laid

To rest by divergent natures and

Directions? My memories tilt,

As though I’m in flight, perspective askew:

Bedeviling darkheart blond,

You, playmate who loved me tropically,

Grasped my greenish heart and left

A wounded clearing, where now remains

An empty lot. Despite the ruined joy,

Lad lost to me, and now a stranger

Having morphed into full manhood,

Why ever should you now inspire?



“Long-Ago Lover” was published in January, 2013, on Planet Thrive, a social networking site for Environmental Illness.

Susan M. Silver is a freelance writer with non-fiction credits in People Weekly, Us magazine, The New York Daily News, and The Saturday Evening Post, among others. Her romance stories have appeared in Lifestyles magazine and Short Stuff. Susan’s passions include films from Hollywood’s Golden Age and photographing the green spaces of New York City’s Greenwich Village, her longtime home.

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