"Can’t Win"

Written By

David Frazier

Rollerball is a movie about a game

Jonathan E. forced into retirement

Killed his will to play

Killed his best friend

Subversion was the corporate game

Jonathan E. would have none of this,

you see

Determined to win

Despite rule changes in the games

Such is life, cut and run

Corporate greed and corruption are good


It's a sick land we dwell in

Not kind and caring

Leading the world by example

Not at the point of a gun.

David Frazier is a retired steelworker from Northwest Indiana and has been writing since 2003. David has been married for 39 years to his wife Kathie. He has fictional stories published electronically. “The Last Day” is in the e-book Kindred Voices 2 published by the University of Massachusetts. “A Fine Vacation” a short story, was published by WritingRaw.com. His poems can be found at Circus of the Damned, dailylove.net, The Yale Journal of Humanities and Medicine, and googlepoems.org. three of his short stories have appeared in by Sacramento Poetry, Arts, and Music (eskimopie.net). David recently received an Honorable Mention in Poetry from GoodReads Newsletter. He has two poems in the book Indiana Horror Anthology 2012 by James Ward Kirk. His poem, “Blowout” will be published in SYWzine.

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