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Breath & Shadow

Summer 2011 - Vol. 8, Issue 3

"A Time of Great Pleasure"

Written By

David C. Kopaska-Merkel

A flexing of the Worldskin, and Bird flies, Calling. It is a time of joy, for strangers have landed on Mechaieh. A silver egg resembling the spawn of Frog drifted gently to the ground near Pool. Out of it hatch five beings of the same color and reflectivity, though the egg is not broken. The hatchlings proceed to water's edge.

"Forgotten Fault Lines"

Written By

Roger Wayne Eberle

Two Tuesdays have passed

since our grim anniversary, and now

it is hump day again, and you

still swear the glass

is half empty, and I keep pouring...

"Jazz Soul"

Written By

Dorothy Baker

You sit at the portal between jazz and my heart

No drama here

Only clean sound

"Just Passing Through"

Written By

Mary Elizabeth Gillilan

At the crest of Scenic Drive, a brick and clapboard house sat on a knoll. Dandelions and crab grass overpowered the rows of strawberries that made up the front yard. Morning glories strangled anything in their path. The house overlooked the Yakima Valley; it was Mama’s dream house, but Mama’s dream clearly was not the garden. It looked as if the only gardener had been God, who after throwing the seeds out had gone onto shape the valley and dry, mud foothills of this eastern Washington town. That is if you believed in God. I had a problem believing in God. I was fourteen. The year was 1964, and I was just beginning the eighth grade.

"No Birdsong"

Written By

Lachlan Walter

I wake suddenly; sweat pouring off me and soaking the mattress. My eyes shoot open and see nothing but the dark of the middle of the night. I reach across the bed. The other half lies empty.


The alarm clock ticks away on the bedside table beside me and I count the seconds as they pass. Outside the window, the wind blows hard.

"Pass the Word"

Written By

Glenda Beall

I was extremely pleased when, upon making telephone reservations at the Comfort Inn in Asheville, NC, I was told by the reservation clerk, "We don't use fragrances in our rooms. We don't use air fresheners or anything with a strong smell."


I could hardly believe my ears, and wondered if that was indeed true. When I arrived at the Comfort Inn, which is clean and nicely appointed, I made my usual "smell test."


Written By

Carla Rene

The way I remember it happening:


"You want me to use what?" My voice came out as a quack.


The physician stared at me.


"You heard me, Missy."

"The Return"

Written By

Lorcan Black

I have been silent since

you left- and shall remain so as though all sound

swept from the room with your absence.

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