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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2009 - Vol. 6, Issue 3

"Lie Down Spasticus"

written by

P.A. Levy

There's a tensile edge to us;


alloy lightweight

extra strong accessories to our limbs that would


otherwise collapse

with intermittent jestful ease, to leave us looking drunk


and disorderly

as we pitch and flounder in search of a foothold


claw toes

fight for balance, grapple against non-committed joints


that thoughtlessly

lock at one-eighty; can't sit down, or ninety; can't stand.


We smile, though the effort leaves us exhausted, slow motion


mechanical movements

become the choreographed burr and rust of just being;


metal fatigue

let's go to bed, undressed to titanium in robotica we perform


Meccanno porn

and not even hydraulic suspension or heavy duty lubrication


can prevent

those squeaks, singing out louder than bed springs, when


we rasp

and grind each other to filings. There's a metal edge to us,


we can't run but we're fucking.

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