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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2009 - Vol. 6, Issue 3


written by

Todd Hanks

I discarded my sanity like

a dream from the night before.

Slime-topped minutes dripped

from a sundial.

Delusion was a man who

blinded me with jellyfish hands.

Crab-like thoughts scuttled

through the husk of my head.

I was surrounded by a sound

like a busy highway at night.

The sky was apocalyptic gray.

I traveled from one interdimension

to another, bleeding from

the pores of a stone.

Todd Hanks has worked as a journalist and creative writer for several small newspapers in Missouri. His poems have been accepted recently for publications such as Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Dreams and Nightmares, Beyond Centauri, and Illumen.

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