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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2009 - Vol. 6, Issue 3


written by

Nicole Kuppers

The crickets outside

The window were gone

And when I heard the sound

Of the hissing in my ears

I imagined 15 doctors

Escorting me to hell

And thought that I would

Never hear a sound again

By the window

Many nights annoyed

I scolded my children

For spilling that dinner's milk

Their tears dripped down

With no compassion from me

While still I waited for their father.

At night I dreamed

That my children would never know

My favorite piano song

Or the music that I had heard

20 years of love and laughter

The life of a musician

Went down the toilet drain

In the office the doctor said

The medicine has taken the wrong course

And you will just have to wait and see

Like I had told my son long ago

About his dad who lived so far away

On needles, I remembered how I told him

With such acceptance.

And when I tried to hear the crickets that night again

My child grabbed his ears and said

Mommy, where have your ears gone?

My children, whom I had pushed aside

were there to comfort me

And so I held my child

and tried again to say-

The doctor said to wait and that's just what we'll do

The things we love in life take time

Like my ears, to come back to us again.

Nicole Kupper is a writer living in Chicago, Illinois. She has produced four professional plays, and currently writes for an on-line newspaper.

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