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Breath & Shadow

Fall 2009 - Vol. 6, Issue 3

"Beach Song" and "Night"

written by

Megan Kelly

"Beach Song"


Beach chair sits firm at the water's edge

Gulls swoop and sigh, slicing the moisture

     bloated air

Heightened scents of sand, salt and sunscreen.

Children knead sand into castles.

Oblivious to the slowly drowning sun,

As they mold their strong, wet creations.

The beach beats around me,

A song with a predictable melody.

Waves smooth the shore,

Like the soft rhythmic breathing of a sleeping child.

Clouds swim through the darkening sky.

Fish glide swiftly, distorting the waves.

The tide pushes inward,

Reaching fingers into the castles.

The sand separates and slides into the water,

No matter how hard it tries to hold together.

The children hurry away.

Salt sucks at my toes.

The beach falls into a new harmony,

As rain plops into the sea.





The air is watery fresh and clean.

As I walk and breathe,

stagnant car fumes, hint of stale cigarette smoke,

smear the air,

No longer a singular scent.

The smell of dying leaves,

ripened grasses,

Hot copper-scented sun,

Ride the breeze.

Sun glides lower.

Metallic scent melts.

Crickets emerge, singing.

Soft waves of hypnotic sound,

beat into my ears.

The night deepens and sounds separate.

Chirps divide,

A bell chimes--quiet amplifies a footstep.

Night, is not just night.

Megan Kelly is a graduate of Manhattanville College, where she studied English, Spanish and French. She currently attends the graduate program in Language and Literacy at The City College of New York (CUNY), along with her guide dog, Buddy. Megan’s interests include reading, writing, disability studies, and teaching English, Braille and adaptive technology. She can be contacted at

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