Breath & Shadow

A Journal of Disability Culture and Literature

Winter 2015

Volume 12 Issue 1



Breath and Shadow
  Winter 2015

Volume 12 Issue 1

Optimum Gratitude

By Keith Nunes

feel it all the way to the bottom,

let it scald like a menopausal hot flash, sober and clean and steam-burn intense, the moment is held


from the horse-rustler's noose, in the arc of Poe's blade unflinching near perfect

Keith Nunes lives in rural Bay of Plenty (New Zealand) with a retinue of crackpots. His obtuse and melodramatic poems have been published widely Down Under. He's a former newspaper sub-editor but has been granted divine forgiveness. Tormented by depression, anxiety and a string of addictions, he has now found a safe haven - physically, psychologically and creatively. He often has great days.

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